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Richter's War on Kindle Vella

The Sci-Fi Paranormal Thriller Series by Author Daniel P. Douglas Continues!

Visit Kindle Vella and catch new episodes of the supernatural thriller RICHTER'S WAR, where WWII-era detective Geno Richter hunts down nefarious Nazi agents in Los Angeles amid odd and otherworldly phenomenon...

Richter's War is a paranormal thriller featuring L.A.'s hardboiled, World War Two-era private detective Karol Eugen Richter, aka, "Geno" Richter. Trusted by the War Department to hunt down nefarious Nazi agents, spies, and saboteurs, Geno has seen how the supernatural can loom over the City of Angels when he takes on these evil enemies.

Described by some as Sam Spade meets The X-Files and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Richter's War is rich in suspense, action, mystery, and intrigue.

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