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Terror Road, New on Kindle Vella

Sci-fi Thriller Author Daniel P. Douglas Brings Pulp Action to Life in New Episodic Series

Sci-Fi thriller author Daniel P. Douglas has released a new serial on Amazon's Kindle Vella.

Called Terror Road, the story revolves around an aspiring travel writer, Lola Martinez. On her excursions, she begins to suspect her lucky career break may be too good to be true when she begins to encounter the foul and fanged in lands both near and far.

Kindle Vella allows readers to enjoy a range of content one episode at a time.

This is Douglas's third story released on Kindle Vella. The others are the sci-fi conspiracy thriller A Cunning Harvest and the supernatural alt-history, Richter's War.

Story tags: pulp, female hero, myths and monsters, horror, mystery and suspense, supernatural thriller, humor

Categories: Thriller Action & Adventure

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