By Daniel P. Douglas

Author Daniel P. Douglas is a writer of sci fi action adventure books and short stories.

Urraca Mesa Redemption_v1a.jpg

URRACA MESA REDEMPTION: A Supernatural Wild West Tale

A mysterious gun slinging woman who’s full of vengeance and a US Marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt for gold at a mesa that’s a rumored haunted place and gateway to Hell....

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In The Outworlds: War Torrent, unlikely heroes are on a collision course with destiny amidst a desperate fight against radical evil...

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In Resurgence, while on a mission of discovery about an extinct reptilian alien species at the fringe of human existence, Second Lieutenant Jerod Eastaway confronts his inexperience and insecurities when he battles a horrible foe with traumatic ties to his family and childhood.

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In 1950 New Mexico, a small group of agents who will become known as the "Men in Black" deploy in response to an event that will provide a harrowing glimpse into humanity's apocalyptic future...


RICHTER'S WAR: Case of the Japanese Alien

In this short story, a World War II battle engulfs Los Angeles and sweeps a hard-boiled detective into dangerous and out-of-this-world action and intrigue.

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RICHTER'S WAR: Case of the Lady Crow

In this short story, L.A.'s hard-boiled, World War II-era private detective Geno Richter faces down a new paranormal Nazi enemy, one that he must stop before it can deal a deadly blow to the American war effort.

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RICHTER'S WAR: Case of the Ghostly Séance

The hunt for nefarious Nazi spies in Los Angeles during World War II just took another supernatural turn, which means hardboiled detective Geno Richter is on the case and soon entangled in wartime suspense and mystery...

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TRUTH INSURRECTED: The Saint Mary Project

As former FBI agent William Harrison investigates a decades-old extraterrestrial cover-up, hired guns and an alien-human hybrid stand in his way of finding the truth and revealing the deadly conspiracy...

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Showdown at Jupiter's Edge: A Maxo Magnaveer Adventure

In the year 2247, Detectant Maxo Magnaveer yearns for an opportunity to prove himself in the Cosmic Law Force so he can be promoted to squad captain. When a greedy privateer, Colonel Zaza D'Rump, brazenly hijacks a shipment of synthetic foods on its way to Mars with plans to starve the colony to death unless he is given control of Earth's shipping lanes, Maxo sees his opportunity to rise above, save the day, and finally move up in rank and prestige.