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Learn More About the Science Fiction Conspiracy Thriller TRUTH INSURRECTED: THE SAINT MARY PROJECT

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

As former FBI agent William Harrison investigates a decades-old extraterrestrial cover-up, hired guns and an alien-human hybrid stand in his way of finding the truth and revealing the deadly conspiracy.

When former FBI agent William Harrison begins receiving mysterious postcards with the signature “Echo Tango,” he’s alerted to a cover-up beyond anything he ever thought possible.

His informant turns out to be a guilt-ridden ex-operative in the Saint Mary Project, an ultra-secret program engaged in alien contact. The organization is wiping out loose ends, and Echo Tango thinks Harrison is the man he needs to stop it.

Thanks to a gunshot wound suffered in an attempt to thwart an armed robbery, the crime-fighting life is something of Harrison’s past. He keeps his shooting skills sharp but walks with a limp, and he is more likely to catch marital cheaters than anything else—as a private investigator.

But Harrison can’t shake the feeling that this case is meant for him. He enlists the help of colleagues and starts following the clues.

However, hired guns stand between them and the truth. There are also alien-human hybrids to contend with, but that’s not all. Harrison’s investigation turns up a powerful secret about him and his family—a secret that may just be what lets him end these unimaginable crimes.

Will Harrison discover and reveal the truth? Find out in Daniel P. Douglas’s thrilling UFO conspiracy novel Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project.

Truth Insurrected is for those who enjoy conspiracy thrillers like the novel Breakthrough or those by Andrew Mayne. It has plenty of twists and turns like in books by Brian Freeman, and has inspiring heroes and nefarious villains found in international crime thrillers by authors such as John Grisham. Those who read the science fiction of Robert Silverberg and Michael Crichton will also enjoy Truth Insurrected.

Praise for Truth Insurrected . . . "This energetic thriller leans much more toward espionage than sci-fi, but its sprinkling of fantastical elements makes it a standout...A multigenre espionage tale that's unquestionably entertaining." -Kirkus Reviews " undeniably entertaining science fiction read...Conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans alike will find Truth Insurrected hard to put down." -Blue Ink Review Four Stars "This thrilling mystery about Area 51 brings a personal touch with well-developed characters...complete with cliff-hanging chapters and heart-pounding action." -Foreword Clarion Reviews "An excellent science-fiction/conspiracy thriller...Highly recommended!" -The Columbia Review of Books & Film Five Stars "...a gripping read, a thriller like no other...a breathtaking ride through an unsettling fictional trope...Truth Insurrected by Daniel P. Douglas has all of the trappings of awesome storytelling..." -Readers' Favorite "Truth Insurrected is a solid page-turning debut." -Self-Publishing Review "An engrossing, deftly-crafted UFO conspiracy thriller that is easily one of the most successful tales to emerge out of Roswell alien lore."

From the Author

To say the subject of UFOs is controversial would be an understatement, but that makes it all the more suitable as the topic for a novel. For decades, perhaps even centuries, people have seen these unknown craft in the sky or even underwater. There can be a sharp divide between believers and non-believers, and controversy about what it all means, especially in the context of alleged government secrecy. That tension, blended with the fundamental question, are we alone?, makes for a great storytelling opportunity.

From the Inside Flap

As former FBI agent William Harrison investigates a decades-old extraterrestrial cover-up, hired guns and an alien-human hybrid stand in his way of finding the truth and revealing the deadly conspiracy.

From the Back Cover

A shooting incident put an end to William Harrison's FBI career. Now he chases marital cheaters and uncovers insurance fraud as a private investigator. But that's about to change. A series of cryptic messages alerts Harrison to a decades-old government cover-up of contact with aliens. His mysterious informant once handled security for the Saint Mary Project but now wants the truth about the deadly conspiracy revealed. Harrison recruits former companions in his attempt to halt the ruthless cover-up still carried out in the name of national security. He'll struggle against a web of lies, secrets, and sinister assassins, as well as mind-reading alien hybrids in his efforts. In the midst of this paranormal case, he will also discover a secret about his own family that could very well be the key to unlocking the truth. Will Harrison and his colleagues survive and reveal the deadly alien contact conspiracy? Find out in Daniel P. Douglas's science fiction suspense thriller Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project.

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