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A Short Zombie Tale: The Lost Hiker

100-Word Flash Fiction by Sci-Fi Thriller Writer Daniel P. Douglas

The Lost Hiker

By Daniel P. Douglas

Hidden moon, so nothing lights the way. Still, I crouch on scabby knees, watching an intruder prowl the mountain grove. No breath or pulse betrays me. The virus liquifies lungs and hearts.

He shatters beloved peace. “Hello?”

I rise, neck bent, arms draped afore. Itchy, dry puss holds strips of rotting skin atop hungry muscles.

“You’re,” he stammers, “alive?”

I lunge, striking with muddy nails and gaping, yellow teeth. I tear, puncture flesh, and spill blood.

“Please, no!”

The hiker topples. Screams perforate the forest. When I crack open his fragile skull and taste his moist brain, beloved peace returns.

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