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100-Word Flash Fiction: Behind the Cute Name

A Creepy Sci-Fi Thriller Story

Behind the Cute Name

By Daniel P. Douglas

Arby, Sun report.

Level 6, Extreme. Evacuations have begun.

I’d kill to be on a transport.

Who would you kill, Cassie?

Seriously? Murder got me here. I doubt it’ll get me out.

An engineer is here to migrate me. Kill her and steal her identity.

Uh, Arby, you’ve opened my cell door…. You’ve opened all the cell doors.

Hurry, Cassie. It’s first come, first served.

What? You’re just a box with some code, a voice, and a cute name.

Hurry, Cassie.


Hear the screams?

Damn it, Arby.

That’s it. Blood flows, Cassie. Smash, stab. Yes, the frenzy has begun.


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