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5 Stars for Paranormal Thriller Urraca Mesa Redemption: A Supernatural Wild West Tale

From Jon Michael Miller, Readers Favorite

In Urraca Mesa Redemption by Daniel P. Douglas: A Supernatural Wild West Tale, Winslow Murphy, outlaw turned U.S. Marshal, is on the trail of a murderous gang that has brutally killed his brother Jacob. A twist is that Winslow was once a member of this gang, searching for one of two maps that mark the X of long-lost Mexican gold rumored to be buried on the infamous Urraca Mesa in northwest New Mexico. Legend has it that this place is the gateway to hell. Marshal Winslow’s former gang had broken into a house and mistakenly shot the family, leaving a young girl, Jacinta, who vows revenge in the quest for the map. Winslow, now guilt-filled, was there and longs for redemption. Not only that, his brother Jacob, a Pinkerton agent, was killed by the gang during a train heist, and now Winslow is hot for justice, using the haunted mesa as a meet-up point. Usually when I write a review, I open the book, read a sentence or two, then jot down the title, the author, a quick style assessment, and then continue reading properly. However, for Mr. Douglas’s tale, I opened the book, and before realizing it, I was halfway through. Notes be damned, I couldn’t put it down. Mr. Douglas says he writes “pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat” books, so therein lay my problem. His use of present tense, short declarative action sentences, powerful verbs, and vivid western imagery had me hogtied. Rough, gritty, uninhibitedly violent, and a tad sentimental, Urraca Mesa Redemption: A Supernatural Wild West Tale by Daniel P. Douglas will be unsurpassed for readers of this genre. I suggest a hearty lunch before you open it; it’ll be a while before you put it down.

About the Author: Daniel P. Douglas

Daniel P. Douglas is the pen name for identical twins Phillip and Paul Garver. Phillip is a U.S. Army veteran who also served as a senior analyst in the U.S. intelligence community and currently works for the federal government. Paul’s career includes over 30 years in the museum profession. He has worked for cultural and historic sites in California and Virginia, as well as for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Named a Foreword Reviews 2014 IndieFab Book-of-the-Year Awards Science Fiction Finalist, Daniel P. Douglas is also listed by as one of 2015’s Best New Mystery and Thriller Genre Writers, and is a Readers Favorite Award winner.

Phillip and Paul enjoy writing pulse-pounding, edge-of-your seat science fiction, conspiracy, mystery, suspense, and thriller books and screenplays. Their characters are often ordinary people who tread into a collision course with destiny, where survival means confronting personal flaws and fighting for good in the eternal battle against evil.

They explore this theme in a number of published works. Their first novel, “Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project,” centers on a decades-old government cover-up of contact with extraterrestrial life. “The Outworlds” series is comprised of adventure stories set in the early twenty-fourth century at the fringe of human civilization. Their “Richter's War” series blends sci-fi with hard-boiled intrigue in Los Angeles during World War II.

Born and raised in Southern California, Phillip moved to Arizona to attend college, and Paul moved to Virginia to further pursue his museum career. Both have travelled extensively across the United States and around the world. They now reside in New Mexico with their families and many pets.

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