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UFO Cover-Up Theory Makes for Great Sci Fi Thriller

Commentary and excerpts from the award-winning conspiracy novel, Truth Insurrected

Chapter 4 - A Matter of National Security

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. I agree with this, but let’s talk about book titles. That is a different “matter” entirely.

When I first wrote Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project 20 years ago, I titled the book A Matter of National Security. Aside from the fact it took me two decades to finish it and get it published, I also struggled with finding a better name for the book. “A Matter of National Security” was the core subject of the novel, but as a title it seemed too vague and insufficiently compelling. I wanted something better.

Have you ever asked friends or family members for advice? Of course you have and so have I, including this situation – my search for just the right title for my book. Discussions kept centering on how the Saint Mary Project was stealing the truth from me, you, and everyone else, not to mention killing people in the process.

You can probably start to see where this was heading. After several conversations with my friends, family, and even my cats and dogs – the latter group mostly just listened or wandered away – I knew that I wanted “truth” in the title, as well as the name of the perpetrators, the Saint Mary Project. All I needed was a good word to describe their theft of the truth that belongs to us all. After a little tweaking of the word “insurrection,” I finally settled on Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, and have been quite pleased with it, and grateful to those who helped me find just the right words to describe a serious matter of national security.

And when I say that, I want to underscore that the threat isn’t coming from the aliens. It comes from those who believe they know what is best for the rest of us. By asserting secrecy alongside lies, denials, and murder, they are the threat to our national security.

By my count, there are five instances of the phrase, “a matter of national security,” in Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project. What follows is an excerpt involving a conversation between William Harrison and his former partner at the FBI, Art Holcomb. During this conversation, we bear witness to two references to the phrase and evidence of Saint Mary’s cover-up at work…

As he stood up, Harrison recalled the zigzagging luminescent sphere he witnessed last July. He held the letter and its attachments, and then exited his office. He walked to the alcove where they kept the photocopier. A quick glance into Zemdarsky’s office assured Harrison that his partner remained preoccupied. Zemdarsky talked on the phone, laughing and wiping tears from the corners of his eyes.

Harrison made the necessary copies. He would separate them later, when he put them in a safe-deposit box he had rented. Back in his office, he closed and locked the door and then sat down at his desk to call Holcomb again. When Holcomb answered, Harrison said, “The snake charmer from India is Sigmund Freud’s grandson.”

“J. Edgar Hoover never wore white after Labor Day.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, except for his favorite pair of pumps. You got a nosy partner.”

“Did you find something?”

“More or less. Actually, it’s sort of like finding out the whore—”

“What is it?”

“So, I ran a search of the projects you told me about. The aerospace cases have been sealed and transferred.”

“Sealed and transferred?”

“There wasn’t much information left in the computer at all. The cases are sealed. There is a class-five security clearance, with restrictions, indicated as necessary for access.”

“What the hell kind of clearance is that?”

“Beats the hell out of me. I didn’t ask around just in case it was some sort of clearance that only aliens have.”

“Where were they transferred to?”

“The cases and all the associated evidence were transferred last August to the air force, to the Air Research and Development Command.”

“To Dayton. Was any reason provided for their sealing and transfer?”

“Yeah, you’ll love this. ‘A matter of national security.’”

“Hmm…Anything on Roswell?”

“The bureau did have an open case under the heading of ‘Aerospace Incident, Roswell, New Mexico,’ and it was from July, 1947. The problem with this one, like the others, is that it’s also been sealed and transferred.”

“When was it transferred?”

“In 1947. A class fiver with restrictions on this one too. The transfer indicates it went to a project called ‘Saint Mary.’ Stated reason, ‘A matter of national security.’”

“Saint Mary?”

“Yeah, but nothing came up under that name when I searched the computer records.”


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