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UFO Conspiracy Thriller features the "Bad Guys" behind Government Secrecy and Alien Contact


This excerpt from Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project introduces us to the main "bad guy" in the story. He is an Air Force Colonel who is handed operational command of the secretive Saint Mary Project after the incident at Area 51 with an alien UFO that left two F-15's and their pilots missing.

Now picked to lead the “bad guys," Stone’s been asked to implement a new aggressive policy to intercept and down these unknown craft. His boss is the Chairman of a working group comprised of various military leaders and scientists, and they are all subservient to the Circle, a highly secretive and archaic group that leads the overall project.

Stone juggles the politics and practical realities of this enterprise with single-minded determination to succeed. We see his humanity in different ways through phone conversations with his wife and expressions of concern for his son who is an Army officer in Korea.

But with remarkable ease, Stone slips seamlessly between this soft side and the side that exercises unquestionable obedience to his masters’ goals.

You’ll note that Stone mentions these masters – The Circle – in this excerpt. They are a shadowy group in the book, and I modeled them after what is known in UFO lore as Majestic-12, aka MJ-12.

The Majestic group was allegedly formed by President Truman in the midst of a national UFO frenzy (and the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident) and was given orders to secretly study UFOs and exploit alien technology.

All in the name of national security…But just don’t let the nation know…

…the chairman presented a brief lecture about revised disinformation tactics, the centralized command structure at North Range, weapons systems in development, and other changes necessitated by the new policy. General Taylor absorbed the information, becoming especially interested when the chairman mentioned the hybrid program.

“Currently under General Taylor, the hybrid program will be consolidated with the security and flight operations branches. When North Range is operational, these functions will move there permanently. General Taylor?”


“The transfer procedures will begin at the end of this month. Transmit your summaries and status reports directly to Colonel Stone. The Nellis staff is at your disposal.”

“To Colonel Stone?”

“Yes. Colonel Stone will be the officer in charge of the combined functions that I just mentioned. He will, of course, assume the rank of brigadier general on August first.”

As General Taylor processed these new circumstances, begrudgingly impressed with the chairman’s selection of an “outsider” to run the show, Colonel Stone rose from his chair and walked toward the chairman. Stone paused, making eye contact with each individual, including Colonel Bennet, whose head swiveled eagerly toward him.

“The Circle need not be concerned about my commitment to protect the project,” Stone said. “My strong recommendation is that we not only reaffirm the security function, but attack the problem of residual evidence. Colonel Bennet mentioned the criminality of our many actions. This was necessary, absolutely necessary. But it has left, for lack of a better phrase, a ‘paper trail.’ Isolation of government records, documents, publications, and whatever else we may think of, is highly important. This flank must be protected.”

Colonel Stone’s scrutiny of the working group settled onto General Taylor.

“The government’s credibility is at stake,” Stone said. “The public’s faith in its governing institutions is the fundamental mission. We will not fail, not on my watch.”

“Thank you, Colonel,” the chairman said. “Any questions? Does everyone know where we stand?”

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