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The Sci Fi Paranormal Action of Richter's War

This series of suspense thrillers combines Nazis and unworldly forces

RICHTER'S WAR is a series of short stories which feature L.A.'s hardboiled, World War II-era private detective Karol Eugen Richter, aka, Geno Richter. He's of German descent but trusted by the War Department to bring down nefarious Nazi agents, spies, and saboteurs.

Los Angeles is a jittery place in the early 1940's. The Pacific War looms over the City of Angels. Japanese military forces and Nazi thugs threaten the lives of Angelinos through fear, propaganda, and sometimes deadly violence.

And as Geno Richter knows all too well, not everything is what it seems. Otherworldly and mysterious forces are at work, and they are not always on his side. As he continues his unique war, Richter wades through some of L.A.'s very real places and history, and encounters new and disturbing paranormal enemies.

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