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The History, Mystery and Suspense of Richter's War: Part 1

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Sci Fi Paranormal Thriller Series Includes Very Real Los Angeles History and Places

In Case of the Japanese Alien, a World War II battle engulfs Los Angeles, and sweeps a hard-boiled detective into dangerous and out-of-this-world action and intrigue.

Originally published as part of an anthology by Geminid Press, LLC, under the title, Well, Haruki, Looks Like It’s Just You and Me, Kid, this short story features a hard-boiled Los Angeles detective of German heritage, Karol Eugen Richter, aka Geno Richter. Geno’s used to taking down Nazis for the War Department, but during one late night in February 1942, circumstances sweep him into unexpected wartime action involving something much more than the typical Nazi conspirators.

Case of the Japanese Alien draws on the mystique of hard-boiled detectives and the strangeness of the rumored enemy attack and anti-aircraft artillery barrage known as “The Great Los Angeles Air Raid” in late February 1942.

This was an actual event, and as Geno winds his way through it, he experiences many of the same things actual witnesses reported. Everything from flying shrapnel to a large, flying disc-shaped object.

The story integrates elements of racism, government, war, and human nature amidst action, suspense, humor, Nazis, and an alien named Haruki. Geno Richter’s a tough hero—He must be tough in order to take on Nazi spies and an apparent alien invasion of Los Angeles.

But he’s also tough enough to take a stand against the U.S. Government’s internment of people of Japanese ancestry during World War II. This dreadful episode is a key ingredient of Case of the Japanese Alien, and Geno rises to the occasion in his own special way.

In fact, racial tension in Los Angeles during World War II will continue to be depicted in Richter's War. Geno sees the racism in his beloved country and gives it no quarter, but it concerns him enough to wonder if someday we'd be fighting for the Nazis and not against them...

You can say the Richter's War series is Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade meets Lovecraft's Cthulhu with an air of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The X-Files. At times, it is eerie and foreboding like The Hound of the Baskervilles and at other times the stories feel like a supernatural thriller by Anthony M. Strong.

Richter's War is full of action and adventure, history, mystery, and suspense, all whipped up by the supernatural aspirations of villainous Nazis.

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