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New Sci-Fi Adventure Earns Glowing Literary Review and 5-Star Rating

Author Daniel P. Douglas's New Space Opera is Full of Action and Unique Characters

Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

Showdown at Jupiter's Edge is a sci-fi action comedy written by Daniel P. Douglas.

It is the 23rd century. Detectant Maxo Magnaveer has spent the past two decades working diligently in the Cosmic Law Force as a patrol officer, hoping to become the squad captain eventually. However, when a certain Captain Shineer Havlock gets his dream job, Maxo itches for the opportunity to prove his merit.

He gets his shot at glory when an influential but corrupt man named Colonel Zaza D'rump forcefully seizes a food barge meant for the Martian colony in an attempt to gain control over Earth's shipping lanes. Maxo, alongside his loyal partner Officer Alice Mirza-Cheong, must now prepare for a showdown near Jupiter's Edge against the Colonel and his loyalists. But Maxo must be wary as the Colonel's stooges have infiltrated the CLF.

Moving at a blistering pace, Daniel P. Douglas takes you on a wild ride through the solar system in this satirical space opera without a single dull moment. Infused with non-stop action, humor, and witty dialogue, the narrative blows past in a whirlwind of acutely planned chaos that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

The characters are colorful and full of quirks. Every single one of them pops out of the page, entertaining you to no end. I particularly enjoyed the depiction of Colonel Zaza D'rump, who may remind readers of an infamous former president currently banned from Twitter. I highly recommend Showdown at Jupiter's Edge to anyone who enjoys well-written satire.

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