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New Release: A Supernatural Wild West Tale

Paranormal Western URRACA MESA REDEMPTION Newest Story from Sci-Fi Thriller Author Daniel P. Douglas

A mysterious gun slinging woman who’s full of vengeance and a US Marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt for gold at a mesa that’s a rumored haunted place and gateway to Hell.

A Wild West marshal—Winslow Murphy—runs from a past that haunts him. He chases redemption with a six-shooter and sawed-off shotgun, but he knows Hell’s the only destination he deserves. The outlaws with whom the marshal once rode break a pact when they kill his brother—his only family—so he now pursues them.

While on the chase, he encounters a woman—Jacinta Cortez—trailing the outlaws too. She also seeks vengeance against them. Instead of getting in each other’s way, Winslow and Jacinta join forces. They chase the outlaws to Urraca Mesa in northern New Mexico, where the villains hope to find buried gold. But the mesa is an alleged haunted place and gateway to Hell.

As bullets fly and sinister supernatural activities occur, Jacinta’s reasons for vengeance unfold, and Winslow finds himself confronting demons from his past in the worst way.

On the mesa, both vengeance and redemption are at hand.

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