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Brace for another Battle in Richter's War Supernatural Thriller Series

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Case of the Ghostly Séance Newest Book from Sci-Fi Thriller Author Daniel P. Douglas

The hunt for nefarious Nazi spies in Los Angeles during World War II just took another supernatural turn, which means hardboiled detective Geno Richter is on the case and soon entangled in wartime suspense and mystery...

RICHTER’S WAR: Case of the Ghostly Séance is my third paranormal thriller to feature L.A.’s hardboiled, World War II-era private detective Geno Richter. The first two were short stories and this is the first stand-alone novel in the series.

Trusted by the War Department to hunt down nefarious Nazi agents, spies, and saboteurs, Geno has seen how the supernatural can loom over the City of Angels when he takes on these foes. In Case of the Japanese Alien, he faced off with Nazi thugs in a race to recover an extraterrestrial visitor. In Case of the Lady Crow, a shape-shifting woman worked directly for Berlin to sabotage war production in Los Angeles. By the way, both of these stories are available in the Amazon bookstore.

And now, in Case of the Ghostly Séance, Geno’s once again entangled in wartime mystery and suspense, hunting down Nazis, and confronting otherworldly forces. A stakeout at the Los Angeles Central Library ensnares Geno Richter in the roots of a deadly conspiracy stretching back to the dawn of civilization. Soon, the enemy’s real motives emerge after they awaken an ancient spirit who’s determined to fulfill harrowing prophecies.

As expected, we also find him in the heart of wartime Los Angeles. Like Case of the Lady Crow and Case of the Japanese Alien, this installment of Richter’s War is full of L.A.’s history and historical places. In Case of the Ghostly Séance, the architectural centerpiece is the Los Angeles Central Library, which opened in 1926 and is not far from L.A.’s Union Station and the famous Biltmore Hotel, both featured in Case of the Lady Crow. When Geno speaks of the library as a “temple of doom,” he gives voice to very real sentiments about the building expressed by yesteryear’s Angelinos.

Today, these places are historical landmarks in a sprawling city. In Richter’s time, they were relatively new, promising, and distinctive traits of L.A.’s emerging, modern identity. It is no wonder they marked the trenches of Geno Richter’s unique war.

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