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5 Stars for Paranormal Case of the Lady Crow

Short Story the Latest Sci-Fi Thriller Installment of the Richter's War Series

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars!

Richter's War: Case of the Lady Crow is a work of fiction in the short story, historical and paranormal sub-genres, and was penned by author Daniel P. Douglas.

Our protagonist is Geno Richter, a hard-boiled detective who isn’t afraid to take down enemies and organizations much bigger than him, even with the Second World War raging overhead.

But as our gritty L.A. hero uncovers a new Nazi thug to track down and overthrow, he also discovers that this figure might possess talents that others would claim were quite impossible. What results is a highly engrossing paranormal suspense tale that is sure to keep readers turning the pages from cover to cover. Author Daniel P. Douglas has crafted a short, sharp, and highly satisfying work of fiction with plenty of action, intrigue, and sudden surprises to offer its readers. In terms of its presentation of character, I found that the use of close narration created a deeper psychological understanding of our central figure Richter, and this brings us right onto his shoulders as the action unfolds for heightened tension.

In terms of adding paranormal flair to historical fiction, the work stays surprisingly gritty and realistic around this peculiar phenomenon, and the paranormal elements serve to increase the terror and danger level as the story rockets to its conclusion.

My only qualm would be that I wanted a whole series of these tales because one was not enough! Overall, I would highly recommend Richter's War: Case of the Lady Crow to fans of atmospheric writing, exciting quick reads, and paranormal adventure readers everywhere.

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